Drilling Optimization Services

Drilling Optimization Services
ASKCO is the first Iranian company that has been focused on ROP Optimization based on specific energy method in last 4 years .
We are using the advanced optimization Method and Up-To-Dated software to design BHA, simulate drilling process, determining critical RPM and compressive strength of formation in each interval of drilled formation and finally finding Optimized parameters.
Specific energy method was performed by Exxon Mobile Company in Qatar North Field for the first time. Optimization team determined by Geo Mechanical Method, Pore Pressure and the compressive strength of formation and by using advanced software simulates drilling process and finds the optimum BHA. They performed Optimized parameters by using Energy logs and successfully controlled axial and lateral vibrations up to 80% and consequently ROP increases up to 60% and Hole-quality increases 40%. (SPE-102210 & SPE-92154)
In this work process, the first step is Geo-Mechanic study and applications. After deep study in subject field, we are determining pore pressure, appropriate MW and consequently CCS of each formation meter by meter to use in optimum parameter determination. ROP limit ers are systematically identified as well as the well site drilling operations real-time and could be eliminated in drilling design and well planning. The central element in this approach is real-time monitoring and analysis of Specific Energy logs (HMSE, DSE, MSE) based on available drilling data.
Afterward, the Specific Energy Rate of Penetration (Se-ROP) model will be utilized to evaluate drilling efficiency. It has been proved as a valuable parameter for improving drilling performance by reducing well cost via improving bit performance prediction, bit and motor select ionswith determination of optimum drilling parameters to drill the hole fast and integrated.
This technology makes it possible to select the optimum motor and drill bits and stands to reduce the bit optimization learning curve from several wells to one. The method is global and robust, based on specific energy principles and confined compressive strength (CCS). It requires a little calibration.
The specific energy is the most useful measurement tool for predicting the power requirements (torque) for a particular bit that might be expected to achieve in any rock type.
Vibration and wellbore instability are main problems during drilling. Vibration can happen in axial (Bit Bouncing), lateral (Forward and Backward Whirl) and torsional (Stick-Slip) manner which waste so much of energy in entire of the well. ASKCO controls vibration and dumb it in the onset based on operational parameter management and redesigning BHA. ASKCO also will consult and advise your company for select ion of bit/motor and designing of appropriate BHA with its criteria for drilling your well safe and fast.
ASKCO offers optimization service with your current drilling and data acquisition system. But, presence of MUD LOGGING system is vital because it is based on real time monitoring of specific energy logs and other parameters.
On the other hand, appropriate design and  select ion of motor-bit combination and understanding how to optimize operation will have a great effect on drilling performance. ASKCO will improve your penetration rate with your conventional bit and motor while it can advise you to pick the best ones.
On the other side, drilling a qualified wellbore is the golden key to improve drilling performance throughout the operation. A wellbore in original size and shape is favored
to prevent lost circulation, hole-packoff and pipe stuck. Prevention of such drilling problems requires immediate wellbore stability analysis for select ion of optimum mud weight and flow rate.

ASKCO Great Achievements

ASKCO Consequences in 2014

New overall record in cost saving, even better than Exxon Mobile!
ASKCO performs ROP Optimization Services in South Pars-Phase 14, that is still ongoing and ROP is improving gradually. In this field at average we successfully increased ROP more than 100% and by using fewer bits due to vibration control, we amazingly achieved 45% deduction in drilling costs

New record in average ROP and drilling days in South Pars, ASKCO outgoes Schlumberger and Baker Hughes!

November 2014 new record in South Pars achieved. Deep well SPD14C-10 (Inclination: 62Deg) was drilled under with ASKCO optimized BHA & parameters with regular PDM motors for 2385 meters in 166.6 HRS that result s best average ROP of 14.32 m/hrs for this field that was much more better than Schlumberger (RSS System) and Baker Hughes (ERT Power Pak M1XL Morors) records in this field. It should be noted that this records was achieved under situation that ASKCO has no control on Bit and Motor select ion and the Reed Bit Design was not acceptable for the formations drilled.
  • 7.77 million Dollars was saved in Rig total costs after drilling deep well SPD14C-10.
  • ASKCO offer New PDC Bit design
We designed Kingdream PDC Bit (type: KMD1663) for Surmeh Formation that was ran in well SPD14C-07 and drilled 1039 m (300 m More than REED) with incredible average ROP of 20.75 m/hrs.( ROP of REED was 15.5 m/hrs at the best record)
تمامی خدمات و محصولات این سایت، حسب مورد دارای مجوزهای لازم از مراجع مربوطه می‌باشند و فعالیت های این سایت تابع قوانین و مقررات جمهوری اسلامی ایران است.